Donate to the rescue


Countless homeless, abused, neglected and abandoned animals each year find a new home through our rescue- could you HELP US ?


Our rescue efforts rely solemnly on donations and the kindness of  volunteers. Make a diffference today!


$1- is the cost of one ball for one of our dogs


$5 -will feed a dog for 1 day


$25- will provide him/her with a dose of anti-flee medication lasting one month!


$50-75- will neuter/spay one dog/cat!


Donation policy: All donations are non-refundable, including those oranized as fundraising events outside of this website ( or any other venue). All gifts made are final and 100% of the proceeds are used to provide for our animals. We have no employees so 0% goes to wages!


Tax deductible slips will be provided upon request. Just ask!